Awkward Parent


I went to the grocery store today with my 7 month old son. As I am standing at the scanner scrutinizing every item that is scanned, I suddenly hear shrieks of delight and realize that my son has attracted the attention of a couple of teenagers. I watch quietly as they make funny faces and my son laughs hysterically. I don’t really know what to do, I smile awkwardly and turn back to watch the scanner. I pay for the items and hesitate, I don’t want to be the one to break up the fun but it is time to go. I start pulling the cart and give the kids an apologetic smile. “Say bye, Eric!” I say and they are visibly sad to see him go. We start walking away and one of the boys follows, still making funny faces while my son laughs.

Where did this social butterfly come from?


No Love for our Little Ones?


Babies. They’re cute. They’re cuddly. They’re innocent and loveable, and the best versions of us because they have not yet had the chance to commit mistakes and mess things up. They are our offspring and without them we would not be here, since, I mean we had to pass the “baby stage” to get to adulthood right? And its important that we never forget that. But if that’s the case then why are babies getting the short end of the stick? Continue Reading…

Real Dads Don’t Leave

I just wanted to share with you a great blog post I stumbled upon about fathers who stick around. I think this dad has the right idea! Props to Single Dad Laughing for sharing his views on fathers who “check-out” on their children.

(The red link on the right will take you to Single Dad Laughing’s post, enjoy!)


Dads need to stop leaving their kids, and I’m tired of men not being the ones to say it. I’m tired of the world tip-toeing around these guys’ feelings.

Real Dads Don’t Leave.