Local group seeks to stop hunger in hometown

Recently, Buzzfeed published a piece about a 26 year old woman who took a very expensive cab ride from a Halloween party and could no longer pay her rent. She started a GoFundMe online fundraiser and received almost double what she asked for. (read the full article here)

There has been a lot of outrage from commentators because of the trivial nature of the fundraiser in comparison to much more cause-worthy fundraisers/situations that people can donate to.

One visitor noted:

Birthdays are always a good time to celebrate but if someone is that deep in the hole and blacks out remembering spending that money in the first place, I dont know why I’d feel the need to donate. So I understand why she’s upset but if you’re already having trouble paying rent, drinking to the point of not remembering on your birthday/rent day, doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Whether we agree or not on her cause being fundraiser-worthy, we can all agree that there are other causes out there that deserve as much recognition if not more.

Here is a fundraiser being done by a group of students to fight hunger in their community. They will use the funds to prepare home cooked meals and boxes of necessities to needy families.

Giving a little won’t break the bank, but it will make a world of difference in another person’s life.

Click on the link below to help out the less fortunate and spread a little love!