Hot cars and Sexual assault

So apparently sexual assault and kids dying in hot cars is all over the media these days and I just have to wonder at the world that we live in. Are we really that fucked in the head that we can’t remember to take our kid out of the car? Doesn’t this say something about how busy everyone is nowadays? Is work really that fucking important? I know that nobody is perfect, I feel for those parents who lost the children. They don’t need to be chastised more than they already are, but at the same time a dialogue should be started about the fact that nobody has time to live anymore. To breathe. To take a minute to enjoy the day. More and more people are putting themselves on autopilot and these are the disastrous results.

Work to live, not the other way around.

The sexual assault is another trigger. As a woman, sexual harassment is a part of life. It just is. Catcalls, rapey stares, inappropriate jokes and comments- its all in a days work. I’m not sure where to even begin to stop this. Being that men are the dominant gender physically and in every other aspect of the word.  I can’t even say that this is a recent thing because this has been happening ever since anyone can remember. But what’s going to end up happening, guys, is that women are going to start fighting back. Like J-Lo in that movie, and one day when one of you jerks tries something you are going to be in for a very rude awakening. (I am obviously only referring to the assailants, so please spare me the “all men are not like that” comments because I know this, thank you).

So in conclusion, I guess our cars need to get smarter to the point where they can sense if a person/animal is inside and call for help even with the engine off and women need to become super ninjas.


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