6 Things that only Single Parents will Understand

It’s not easy being a single parent. This is something I have always heard and known to be true. But I didn’t realize just how hard it was until I actually became one. Here’s a list single parents will be able to relate to.


1. Grocery shopping sucks
It’s already sort of a chore, but with a kid its just 10 times harder. Especially if you’re kid is a baby. My son is 5 months old, and since he can’t sit up yet I have to put him in the shopping cart in his car seat. I’m not even gona start on how heavy that car seat is. But it takes up most of the shopping cart. So I have to limit the things I’m able to get by what I can squeeze in around his car seat. I tried baby carrying him once, I won’t get into it but… never again. I need to grow more hands or something.

2. Don’t even THINK about paying for your gas with cash

There is such a social stigma on parenting. It seems like everyone is always waiting to catch you doing something wrong so that they can judge you. One big one is leaving your baby unattended. Now, this one is a delicate one. You should definitely not be leaving your child unattended for extended periods of time, or even semi-extended periods I guess.. but does running wildly into the gas station, flinging 40 bucks at the attendant and yelling PUMP NINE as you run back to your car count? Sometimes its worse to take your child out of the car. Like that one time my baby was sick, and it was raining heavily outside, and freezing, and we had no gas, and all I had was cash…

3. That Awkward Moment when you’re trying to get through a push door with a stroller

Why can’t all doors be automatic? I have literally started to plan my shopping trips on whether or not the place in question has shopping carts that I can put my baby in or automatic doors that I don’t have to awkwardly try to open with one hand while trying to push my stroller through with the other..

4. Drive-thrus are the best invention ever

Whether it be fast food, drive-thru pharmacy or online grocery service pickup, not having to take your baby out of the car while they are fast asleep is a beautiful thing. There should be more of these available.

5. For some reason, I feel better buying my kid stuff than things for myself

I mean, I still get myself things. But I really enjoy spoiling my child. It makes me happy. I want him to have everything and he’s just so cute that he looks great in everything I put him in. What can I say, the kid’s got mommy’s heart… and wallet.

6. You’re kid is literally Everything to you

This is true for all parents. At least it should be. But it’s different for us Singletons. As a part of a couple, you worry about your kid and your partner. But in the single world, your kid is it. When I have a shitty day at work, I come home and hug the crap out of my kid. Not anybody else. When I think about giving up, or what to pick up at the store, or what I’m going to do on my day off, my child is in the forefront of all of those decisions. He gives me hope for a better future.


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