“Imma do me”- The New Trend of Selfishness

How do you make the asinine phrase I only care about myself sound cool? Less grammar and more selfishness.

Okay admit it, we’ve all thought it at one time or another, but because of common decency or manners never actually said it out loud. But the new way of doing things seems to be to just shout out personal thoughts and information to anyone within earshot. The crazier the better. People are publicly proclaiming what they did this weekend, who they did, and how they “give 0 shits” about who knows it. This idgaf “motto” is plastered all over t-shirts, Facebook memes, and tirelessly repeated in many popular songs. It’s the cool new way to think and feel.

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But is it perpetuating the trademark selfishness that the US has been known for?

The United States has been criticized for its selfish ways for a long time, from unfair government policies that borderline silliness to overindulgence at the expense of those less fortunate. In the land of abundance where eating is considered a hobby and excess is a style of living, is it any wonder then that this Imma do me frame of mind has become “cool” now amongst our youth?

What is this world coming to?

What is this world coming to?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have your best interests at heart, or not put yourself first. This isn’t some guilt trip on those boots you bought last week or that nice car you splurged on. This is about a mentality of not giving a fuck. Not giving a fuck about others, about your surroundings, about the world. Considering the fact that we share this ball of dirt with billions of others just like us, its just stupid to “Imma do me”.

The sad thing is that there are few who choose to speak out against this type of thinking and behavior. Or the ones that do tend to get drowned out by the waves of influence from the other side. Our children are growing up with the message that they should only look after themselves, even at the expense of others as if this is the only way to achieve success. The idea of capitalism- the owners making more money off of the laborers backs’ at the workers expense or in other words the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer has been so deeply ingrained in the American brain that alternative means of gaining happiness and success are met with disbelief and doubt, even hostility.


But there are better ways. Being that we are the dominant species inhabiting this Earth there is a much better chance of our kind prolonging our stay if we all work together and strive towards things like preservation and harmony. I’m just saying kids, play nice and we’ll all be happier. I think these things start small. There are pockets of people that are beginning to “wake up and smell the coffee”, and even more that are making it fair trade!


I only hope that it doesn’t get to be too late before we all realize just how stupid this Imma do me mentality really is.

Spread the love, people.


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