An Open Letter to the Pity Party


Dear Pity Party,

I’ll admit it, I’ve attended a few of your functions in my life. Sometimes I would literally feel like the most miserable person in the world. The words my life sucks bouncing around me like a million droplets of water, leaving me soaked and miserable in their wake. But you know what? After a good crying session and maybe a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, you come to realize that, it’s really not that bad. No matter what your situation is, there is always somebody who has it worse. Continue Reading…


To Care or Not to Care?


You can’t make somebody care.

All throughout my life I have encountered people at various stages of the caring spectrum. From over privileged friends who bask in attention and love, too self centered to realize how fortunate they are. To the forgotten Continue Reading…

No Love for our Little Ones?


Babies. They’re cute. They’re cuddly. They’re innocent and loveable, and the best versions of us because they have not yet had the chance to commit mistakes and mess things up. They are our offspring and without them we would not be here, since, I mean we had to pass the “baby stage” to get to adulthood right? And its important that we never forget that. But if that’s the case then why are babies getting the short end of the stick? Continue Reading…