Real Dads Don’t Leave

I just wanted to share with you a great blog post I stumbled upon about fathers who stick around. I think this dad has the right idea! Props to Single Dad Laughing for sharing his views on fathers who “check-out” on their children.

(The red link on the right will take you to Single Dad Laughing’s post, enjoy!)


Dads need to stop leaving their kids, and I’m tired of men not being the ones to say it. I’m tired of the world tip-toeing around these guys’ feelings.

Real Dads Don’t Leave.


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4 responses to “Real Dads Don’t Leave

  1. Hatcher

    I feel the same exact way, Diana. The men just think that since the gives birth, that it’s not the fathers responsibility. But it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Men need to start stepping up and doing what is right. If they don’t want to be in the baby mothers life, okay. But at least have the decency to be a part your child’s life.

    • Hatcher, I wish that more people could see it this way. A fathers presence is absolutely detrimental in the lives of their kids. Unfortunately it is far too often that the children get the shortest end of the stick.

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